On the onset of those warm sunny summer days, your dogs frequently do not want to do more pounding and hammering the pavements because that could not be fun. One thing you have to remember that they are wearing all the time a full-on fur jacket. This is the time when clean and fresh water can, in reality, help your dog. It will not only refresh and cool them down but will in reality aid to keep them fit. This will guarantee some stimulation at a time when running and walking needs too much effort.

You are required to bear in mind that some time spent in swimming and water play can be comparable to a walk of one hour. It can cause fatigue to them as much as it exhausts you as you start to run through water. You should remember a few things in dog training clean water by https://alphaandomegadogtraining.com/ that will help your pet greatly.

Dog loves water or not:

It is very easy for you if your dog is a natural water baby. You are not required to do more than to show them pond or puddle before they jump themselves into it. If your dog is like it, you can call him a hippo or something else.

In case your dog is not so eager or has never actually been out or exposed to water, it may like or may not like it also. You should never do such a thing that some people try; they throw their dog into the water. This will not help in any way and will not improve your relationship with your dog. Such an act will create distrust and fear of water.

Fifteen minutes of swimming and water play

You start with the dogs on a very lightweight long line. You sit by the side of some shallow water. Never use deep places and ponds where the dogs are required to swim. It is best to look for water which has a graduated footing, is clean, safe, and dogs are allowed into it.

As soon as your dog or puppy start to show an interest in standing in the water, you should start it encouraging. You should necessarily get time to spend a few days of playing games by the water and steadily and slowly get the toy to land in the shallowest part of the waters. You are needed to make certain that you have tied the toy to some string or rope so that water does not carry it away.  It is all about confidence building measure of your dog. Try to throw the toy further away and make your dog fetch it. By this way, the dog will make your pet to like water.

Water play should be a fun   

In case, you are going to dog-friendly swimming spot take a towel with you to dry them, or it will take forever to dry if the fur is dense because it will retain water. Being damp on cooler days is not good for the joints. Dog remedies are available freebie at fogut.com to help dogs with disease naturally.