1. Russian Blue (700-1100 euros)

This cat is characterized by its thick, fluffy robe with blue and silver color green eyes. He is suspicious of strangers but kind to its owner.


  1. British shorthair (700-1400 euros)

This large to medium sized cat is characterized by its very round head and large round eyes. The British have a character in the image of their teddy pace, and cats are peaceful and balanced temperament.


  1. Scottish Fold (1000-1400 euros)

Instinctively friendly, the Scottish Fold cat is a cat with quick intelligence and lively; Quiet, thoughtful and very relaxing, it has a reserved nature but affectionate. The very strange shape of his ears folded back, combined with a very soft look, gives the Scottish Fold cat a sweet and nice appearance.

Scottish Fold

  1. Maine Coon (1000-1500 euros)

The giant, greatest, head: in the feline world, the Maine Coon cat is the largest cat ever. This cat rustic physics is characterized by its large size, square muzzle, ears with tufts and longhair. Despite its massive size and its rustic look, his character is often described as a “gentle giant”.


  1. Sphynx (1000 to 1600 euros)

Pleasure, finesse and intelligence are the hallmarks of this naked cat. The Sphynx has a smooth skin, lemon shaped eyes and a graceful look.


  1. Peterbald (800-2000 euros)

The Sphynx is not the unique naked purebred cat in the world. Russia is the birthplace of two other breeds: Don Hairless and Perterbald. The Peterbald are described as temperate and peaceful cats but still energetic and curious. They would bear ill loneliness and would therefore need a lot of attention.


  1. Manx (1200-1600)

This cat is characterized by its absence of tail. The Manx has another singularity, manifested by significantly longer hind legs than earlier. The Manx cat is an affectionate and devoted cat, a perfect companion for the whole family, from children to elderly.


  1. Bengal (1000-3000 euros)

The Bengal cat has a wild look and a sweet character in a leopard skin, it hides indeed a docile nature of domestic cat. His need for movement and freedom is the only thing to be observed. A peculiarity: he loves the water and especially love to perch height.


  1. Savannah (2000-5000 euros)

It is a great jumper and he loves to play and go in the water. Its unspoiled splendor of the wild cat made Savannah extremely fascinating race, for now very rare and mainly found in the United States.


  1. Ashera (22,000 to 125,000 dollars)

The Ashera is the rarest and most expensive cat in the world. This new species is originated from a cross between an Asian leopard, an African Serval and a domestic cat. The Ashera can reach 14 kg. The base cost is an Ashera $ 22,000, while the hypoallergenic type and with unusual marks up to $ 125,000.