Some people seek the services of emotional support dogs as they are great for providing support and comfort through companionship and affection for someone who is suffering from some sort of an emotional disorder. These dogs are not needed for performing any special jobs for handling any sort of disability. They are best for providing unconditional love and emotional stability. An emotional support dog is great for helping you out when you are suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, phobias, mood disorder, and such other emotional and psychological conditions. An ESA (Emotional Support Animal) offers therapeutic comfort to people suffering from mental ailments. Here are the crucial steps to take for getting an ESA letter.

Seek a Medical Recommendation

It is mandatory for you to have a letter of recommendation from a mental health professional who would be suggesting an emotional support dog for your specific mental condition. This letter is important as you may have to show it to your landlord or airline authorities when you need to travel.

Understand Ways to Qualify for an ESA Letter

You have a legal right to an ESA provided you are suffering from some sort of a mental or emotional disorder that necessitates the companionship of an emotional support dog. You need to be certified as someone who is emotionally disturbed and disabled, by a qualified therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or any other certified and accredited mental health professional. The letter of recommendation or certification must essentially be a properly formatted and a formal letter. Before concerning yourself with questions such as where can I get an emotional support dog?’ it is important to get the official letter of recommendation for ESA.

It is essential for you to clearly communicate with your doctor. You must not hide anything, instead, be transparent about your emotional setbacks or issues so that the doctor could clearly understand your unique requirements. If the doctor gives you an approval, he would give you an official letter of recommendation for an ESA. You can then make your pet dog an official emotional support animal. An ESA could be making a huge difference to your life by being at your side through turbulent times. Your ESA would be acting as the pillar of support for you when you need someone the most.

Know Your Full Rights

You have the right to board a foreign carrier or US airplane along with your ESA. As per the Air Carrier Access Act, pet owners who have some form of disability would be allowed to travel along with their ESA.

You have the legal right to rent a house and live with your ESA. No landlord has the authority or the right to discriminate on ESA grounds and he has no right to charge any extra pet fees under the circumstances. All you need is an official documentation from any licensed and fully-qualified mental health professional.


Now you could easily get your ESA letter of recommendation online. This is quite obvious in this highly advanced and digitalized era. However, you must always seek the assistance of only such a website that conforms to the health service laws prevalent in each state so that you could rest assured that they are genuinely following the latest rules and regulations.


Author Bio: Francis Stevens is a psychiatrist handling several ESA cases every year. He happens to be an ardent blogger. He offers tips for getting a letter of recommendation for an ESA, and answers questions such aswhere can I get an emotional support dog?’