Whether you own a large English Mastiff or a small Yorkshire Terrier, you should provide your canine companion with a comfortable outdoor living area. Rather than using just another generic dog house, though, consider investing in a dog kennel. It offers a safer, more enjoyable living space for your dog. Here are six important things to consider when choosing a kennel for your dog.

#1) Insulation

Check to see if the dog kennel is insulated. You might be surprised to learn that some states actually require owners to provide an insulated living environment for their dogs. In New Mexico, for instance, owners who don’t provide their outside dogs with an insulated house face up to $500 in fines as well as 90 days in jail. Even if it’s not required by law in your state, though, an insulated dog kennel will keep your canine companion warm and comfortable throughout the winter season.

#2) Capacity

How many dogs does the kennel accommodate? Some kennels only hold a single dog whereas others hold three or more. If you own multiple dogs, or if you’re planning to adopt more in the future, choose a kennel to accommodate your furry friends. You’ll save money by purchasing one large dog kennel instead of several smaller kennels.

#3) Roof

You should also consider the kennel’s roof construction. Dog kennels typically feature a sloped roof with shingles to protect against water damage. Similar to the way in which a residential roof works, the roof on a kennel guides way away from the structure. Kennels with a flat roof, however, are susceptible to weather-related damage. Rainwater will collect on the roof, some of which will then absorb into the structure; thus, contributing to rot and decay.

#4) Size

How big is the kennel? According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), confined dogs should have at least enough space to stand up, turn around and lie down. Most kennels, though, provide a much larger space. For instance, a standard dog kennel features a 4-by-4-foot indoor area as well as an outdoor runner area.

#5) Add-Ons

Check to see what add-ons are offered by the kennel before purchasing it. Many kennels are sold with optional add-ons like food and water bowls, vents, windows and feed rooms. These add-ons provide enhanced functionality, making them a smart investment.

#6) Aesthetics

Finally, consider the aesthetics and overall style when choosing a dog kennel. After all, the kennel will become a part of your property’s decor. Therefore, you should choose a color and style that matches the surrounding environment. If your home features a chestnut-colored exterior, for example, stick with a similar chestnut-painted kennel.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what to look for in a dog kennel. Perhaps the most important factor, though, is the company selling it. By choosing a reputable company like The Dog Kennel Collection, you can rest assured knowing your canine companion is getting the very best.