Your dog or cat is a part of the family, and you love it as much as you do any of your human family members. However, a pet can get sick just as easily as you can, and they are susceptible to many of the same diseases and issues. The difference is that they do not have the voice to complain, and a dog or cat in pain may not show it in obvious ways. The only way to protect your pet and keep their health at its best is to know the signs of trouble and get them to a vet as soon as possible.

Eating Habits Change

Cats and dogs love schedules and patterns, and they are likely to enjoy eating the same foods around the same time of the day. It is time to look into Beckenham vets when you notice their eating habits change in any significant way. It is not out of the ordinary for a dog to skip a meal or two, particularly if the weather outside is hot, but more than this is a red flag. If your cat or dog goes a full two days without eating, you need to get them examined for a problem. Some diseases and issues can cause unusual eating habits, so if they suddenly begin raiding your pantry for food when they are typically well-behaved, you have likely discovered another sign of an illness.

Excessive Thirst

Dogs in particular produce a lot of saliva, meaning they do not need to drink as much as you would. If you notice them beginning to consume large or unusual quantities of water, they may be developing kidney disease or diabetes. You can often tell if they are drinking too much water by the amount of urine they produce in a day. In cats, the same rules apply. The feline body is not equipped to handle large quantities of water, and you should have them examined if you notice them excessively hovering over their water bowl.