As much as you love your horses and value them as pets and companions, you may realize as well how much of a financial investment they are to you and your ranch or farming business. You cannot afford to lose a horse to illness, an accident, theft, or other circumstances. Just as you would protect your car, home, and other major assets, you likewise may see the wisdom in protecting your equine investment with securities like horse insurance, farm or ranch policies, and other financial backing. You can make a claim and recoup the loss of your animal if the unforeseen does happen.

Potential Threats to Your Horses

Horses are sturdy creatures. However, they can also fall victim to circumstances that you cannot control. Their long legs, for example, can work against their safety if they break or dislocate one of their limbs. If a horse breaks its legs, it often must be put down instead of treated particularly if it suffers a compound fracture that punctures the skin.

Likewise, horses can dislocate their necks by engaging in something as seemingly harmless as rolling in the dirt and grass. Their necks are one of the most vulnerable parts of their bodies and could cause them to suffer a devastating injury that leads to their destruction or accidental death.

As a horse owner, you also must worry about theft. Horses are valuable assets that can be sold easily on the black market. A thief can easily remove any traces of your brand or identifying factors that you put on your animal. The horse can then be sold illegally to someone else, leaving you with a financial loss that takes away from your ranch’s bottom line. You may be able to recoup some of the damages by making a claim against your animal insurance.

Getting a Quote

When you wonder how much you can insure your horses for, you can start the process by contacting a licensed animal insurer. The insurance agent can appraise the value of your animals and create a policy that will give you adequate protection from losses.

You can also find out more about this unique type of insurance by going online. The website is set up to let you start a policy without speaking to an agent.

You put a lot of money into your horses. You can protect your money by backing up your investment with insurance.