If you are planning a holiday and need to find accommodation for your feline friend, then a cattery or cat hotel is the answer. Highly-regarded cat hotels make every effort to see to the comfort and well-being of your pet. However, when making a booking, you also need to make sure to bring your cat’s blanket or bedding. Leaving a familiar item with your cat will help him or her transition more easily.

Booking Requirements

In order to check into a cattery, a cat must have a current certificate of vaccination against FIE, or feline infectious enteritis, as well as cat flu. Cats are examined and assessed on arrival. So, a proprietor can refuse admission if a cat shows any signs of infection or a contagious condition that would place the other cat guests at risk. Owners are also responsible for the veterinary care of a pre-existing condition. In some instances, diabetic cats can be admitted into boarding kennels and catteries in Swindon.

When your cat stays at a cat hotel or cattery, he or she will only eat a balanced and nutritional diet. If you know that your feline has certain preferences or dislikes, let the staff at the facility know. Cattery employees always try their best to cater to a cat’s special dietary requirements. Just be sure these needs are communicated before your cat’s stay.

Care Should Be Emphasized at the Facility

Again, the cattery you choose should be operated by dedicated cat lovers so your feline friend receives the best care. Staff members should have certain veterinary qualifications so they can manage a cat’s medical needs if necessary. Employees should treat cats like they would treat their own feline. Every effort should be made for a cat’s comfort and safety.

Aside from requiring current vaccinations, catteries that are well-run do not feature many restrictions. However, a cat hotel normally cannot take in a kitten that has not begun the vaccination course from the age of nine weeks, or entire males that are over nine months of age.