Veterinary dental care is incredibly important. There are countless opportunities for periodontal disease to develop in dogs, especially if the teeth are not frequently checked. This makes it important to pay careful attention to your pet’s oral health and to schedule routine dental check-ups throughout his lifetime.

In recent years, a number of advanced dental treatments and products have recently hit the market. These include things with double filter systems, attachable clips, water sprays and more. Many vets are using two-hand water jets, hand pieces with high-speed fiber optics, and water compressors that are entirely soundless among many other things. Far more important than the treatment itself is the diagnosis of the specific oral condition that involves the soft tissues and natural tooth structures within your pet’s mouth.

Periodontal diseases are categorized as mild, moderate and severe. After having determined the severity of the issue, a specific therapy or treatment can be applied. Even when conducting a thorough examination of the dog’s mouth, it is rarely possible to see all of the animal’s teeth. This is why general anesthesia is often used before these exams are performed. In instances in which periodontal disease is quite severe, moderate force, curettage and flaps can be used to extract any severely decayed tooth structures. Moreover, additional care can be supplied to ensure that no bleeding issues arise.

Before any oral surgeries are performed, x-rays are taken of the animal’s mouth and the tissue damage and damages to the tooth structures are compared to gums and teeth of a normal and healthy canine mouth. Veterinarians can systematically assess the full range of damages to determine just how severe these are.

Periodontal disease is often best controlled through the diligent use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Beyond dental surgery, a variety of oral health products can be used as part of an integrated treatment to limit the development of tartar and plaque on the tooth structures in the future. Canine veterinarians always use reputable products when administering this care or recommending solutions for use at home. The satisfaction of pet owners is always a top priority. If you feel that your veterinarian is offering substandard services, never hesitate to find another professional to provide these services right away.

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