According to the shamanic culture, power animals bring us messages about a personal situation, in addition to helping us to face it successfully. Many people are not clear about their animal totem, but others have more facility to connect with their spiritual animals; you can even feel them, see them and even smell them.

In the case of the eagle, it is the totem par excellence of the shamans, or in other words, it is the symbol of shamanism, since for them it is the most sacred spiritual animal of all. If your animal totem is the eagle, we will explain everything to you about the meaning of the eagle as an animal of power.

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v  What the eagle totem symbolizes

v  What is the medicine of the eagle

v  What is your mission if your totem is an eagle

v  Other totems: white eagle, golden or golden eagle, bald eagle, booted eagle

What the eagle totem symbolizes

The eagle symbolizes the height, the connection with the divine due to its proximity to the sun and, above all, the principle of spirituality. For this reason, the American Indians always used an eagle feather both for their rituals and for their day to day, as it helped them to connect with the spiritual; hence, the eagle is such an appreciated animal for shamanism. Moreover, since the eagle flies so high, it is said that it flies with the gods and that it is the reason for its wisdom.

In addition, due to the intrepid flight of the eagle, the rapidity and its familiarity with thunder and fire, it is said that those who possess the eagle as an animal of power are strong and of heroic nobility.

The wisdom of the eagle

The eagle can live up to 70 years. However, when he turns 40, his beak curves over the bill, his nails become too long and weak, and he has grown too many feathers. Therefore, he can neither fly nor feed himself well, so he has to make a brave decision.

In those instants, the eagle takes refuge on the top of a mountain and begins to beat its beak against the rocks until it is torn off. Once it grows again, it rips off its old nails and detaches itself, one by one, from its aged and excessive feathers. Thus, after a long and painful process of 6 months, the eagle returns to rejuvenate and fly the skies as before. Hence the wisdom and teaching of the eagle, which will be discussed below.

What is the medicine of the eagle

The eagle as an animal of power teaches us to see the problems with perspective, from the heights, as if you were a mere spectator of a movie. Moreover, the eagle is the only totemic animal that has this capacity. Therefore, many shamans, when looking for answers, turn to the eagle to be able to find it in an accurate way.

On the other hand, the eagle totem also teaches us to be more meticulous and professional with what we do, to overcome ourselves, to be self-sufficient, to be free and to reach the maximum wisdom.

In a more personal way, the animal of power eagle brings strength, vitality, renewal, passion, nobility and courage. To take the eagle in a totemic amulet, it would be very useful especially to men, since it gives energy, power and manhood.

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What is your mission if your totem is an eagle

Everyone who has the eagle as an animal of power, has a great responsibility in life, and is to follow the path of enlightenment to enlighten others. Of course, this is not easy, since traveling the path of enlightenment requires a lot of time and many experiences.

Therefore, people who have the eagle as a totem can be quiet, because the eagle will stay with them for a long time, all the time they need until they achieve their mission in life.

Other totems: white eagle, golden or golden eagle, bald eagle, booted eagle

Although there are other types of eagle, the difference between one class and another varies minimally, that is, the meaning of the eagle as an animal of power is practically the same. However, below we show the small variations of the meaning of the main eagle races as a totem.

Meaning of the white eagle totem

The white eagle is considered a spiritual master who pushes whoever possesses it to heal itself and heal others, as well as to reach the highest point of spiritual enlightenment.

However, in many cultures they see the white eagle as a group of entities of light that look for the good of humanity, especially in Israel. In this sense, the White Eagle would become like the White Brotherhood, whose name is more traditional and universal.

Symbolism of the totem eagle or golden eagle

The golden eagle or golden eagle totem usually appears, sometimes as reinforcement, when we need to see things clearly. When we are in a cloudy or unclear situation, it is likely that trying to see things with perspective does not help us fully.

That is why, at such times, the golden eagle totem appears to help us clarify the situation.

Meaning of the bald eagle totem

The bald eagle is one of the totemic animals that lives both in the air and in the water (since, as it tends to feed on fish, it is also called “aquatic eagle”), which is why its meaning lies in finding the balance between two points.

Also, this is the most proud eagle of all. Therefore, whoever has the bald eagle as a spiritual animal, should learn the art of balance in his life.

Meaning of the totem eagle walkway

The booted eagle or “booted eagle” is the smallest of all the eagles, so it usually coexists with man and the land. Therefore, the eagle as a power animal helps us to better appreciate what surrounds us and to be more aware of what is happening around us.

So, the booted eagle will not only help you see things with perspective, but it will make you more aware of where you are and what surrounds you.

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