Dogs are amazing animals and provide their families and owners with so much joy and affection. In fact, dogs are the only other animal species that can read and understand human body language without significant training! Puppies also tend to gravitate towards humans from an early age, possibly due to thousands of years of selective breeding and evolution.

We have taken advantage of the amazing qualities and characteristics that dogs possess and often see dogs playing important roles including:

  • Therapy: For people suffering social anxieties, agoraphobia, and other debilitating illnesses, the presence of a dog can provide great relief. Trained therapy dogs are very human-centric and can even detect when their owners are anxious and require their affection. In fact, many therapy dogs spend time in palliative care homes or residential homes for the elderly because their presence can lift the spirits of the people there.
  • Medical: We are still learning about the special abilities that dogs possess. In fact, we know that a dog’s sense of smell is so sensitive (thousands of time more sensitive than our own) that they can detect certain serious illnesses. When trained, dogs in the medical field can even detect some cancers and other illnesses more accurately than our own scientific equipment.

Ensuring That Your Furry Friend Is Well Looked After

Most people with dogs already understand just how special their furry companions are. In fact, many people dote on them to the extent that the dogs become pampered. For most dog owners, the outside kennel is a pretty simple affair, but did you know that it is possible to buy custom dog houses?

Some innovative companies are constructing dog houses to custom specifications for people looking to make sure that their pets are more comfortable. Can you imagine how hot it must get in places like Dubai, for example? Now just imagine your precious pooch out in the heat!

The great thing about customised dog houses and kennels is that they can be made to order with the following things in mind: the dog breed, the size of the dog, and the personality of the dog. For example, if you have a large dog, you will likely require a larger kennel for him or her. In cases where the dog is small but energetic, a larger space may also be required.

In a country where temperatures can soar during the day, it’s also important to ensure that your furry friend is as comfortable as you are. This is why many custom- manufactured dog houses also include small but efficient air conditioning units built in. Unlike regular kennels, the addition of these units ensure that your dog is kept cool and comfortable even on a scorching hot day.

Showing Love for an Amazing Creature

Dogs are truly amazing animals. They are one of the most successful animal species on the planet due to their capacity to adapt to their environment. The ancestors of today’s dogs saw the opportunity to interact and live with us and gain the benefits of easy access to food, affection, protection, and comfort. Dogs have surely come a very long way from their ancestral roots and a custom-made dog house represents just how important they have become to us.