Uptown Puppies are the sole breeders and dealers of hybrid Labradoodles in Michigan. There are the Goldendoodles, Australian doodles, and the miniature doodles. The owner of Uptown Puppies i.e. Katie Schmidt who is also the founder of the store has a passion for these dogs and this is the reason why her pups are far more different and exceptional compared to other pups of dog mills.

One such example is of the labradoodle Michigan. Labradoodle are extremely fun loving and caring form of pets and they are great companions too. They can be trained easily and plus they are hypoallergenic in nature. Hypoallergenic in the sense that that they do not have any ailing symptoms of diseases and the best part they help in alleviating the symptoms of diseases an individual is suffering from.  As far as hygiene is concerned, the labradoodles of any kind and species are far more comprehensive and interesting than any dog family.

They are great service dogs. Apart from being hypoallergenic they are also very intelligent and quick learners.  In fact, they are counted amidst one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. Moreover, the easy going nature of the dogs make them more attractive and in demand. The cross-hybrid breed in terms of looks is also very eye feasting. They are a treat to look at since they are crossed with keeping in mind various factors like looks, customer preference etc. So, these labradoodles are more than just dogs.

Why Uptown Puppies is the perfect destination to look for Doodles?

The labradoodles at Uptown are cross bred with utmost care and the safest methods are used under the supervision of experts. Breeding of doodles is all about striking the perfect balance. It`s very crucial for a user to look for he earlier signs of diseases in the genetics so that it doesn’t turn out to be an issue when someone owns them later.  The medical experts working under Katie slog hours to that the doodles are born and grown in the best environment they can.

Second reason is the astounding amazing customer service. It`s not about just breeding and selling. At the Uptown store, Katie makes sure that all her clients and customers are always satisfied with their services and their pups are always in a healthy and hearty state. To make this assurance sound firm, she also gives a 2 years free warranty on all her pets. In case, a dog encounters few health issues and the owner is facing any problem, the company is always there to help them out. All forms of possible help and support is extended to the buyer so that at any juncture he doesn’t feel conned or cheated.

It`s more than a Puppy Mill

As stated before, Katie Schmidt has an undying and immense passion for her pet; her store Uptown Puppies is more than just a puppy mill. The dogs at her store are subjected to best treatments. They are given a tasty food, exercises and lot of mental stimulation so that they grow to their best potential.