In this world there are people that are having the disability like vision, hearing, not able to walk, handicapped and many more disabilities are there that people are having. These types of people need special caring and they need the help in which there must be another person to help them and today it is not possible that every that are having the problem can have the other person to take care of those people. There is a lot of difference between the pets and the service dog. The pets are kept as the family member but these service provider dogs are very much reliable for their duty and they are not having any kind of emotion but they know their duty very well and always in favor of doing the doing the duty.

The pets are little different and always taking care of the house only at the night time and gets mix up with the family members but these dogs that are providing the service never gets mixed with anyone but obey their duty to their owner. They are well trained dogs that you have and k now many things that are not possible for the pets that are able to do. For the blind people they are able to provide the service in which they will make them cross the streets, take them to the garden or room or can bring the things that are required by the owner. The common breed that is used for the training is Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers.

You can easily identify these dogs as they will be having the jacket on their back or may have the backpack or harness. In their service you have guide dog, hearing dogs, and assistant dogs. All these are the service that these dogs are providing to the people. In these dogs the special thing is that they don’t have any emotions and know their duty that they do for their owner. In their service the guide dogs are those that are helping the people that are suffering from the blindness. For the people that are having the problem of hearing can have the service from these dogs that are having the training for alerting the person from any kind of sound specially the phone bell, door bell and smoke alarm are very much included in their training that is taught to them.

There are numerous of centers that are very much for the training of the dog and if you are like to have the training for becoming the expert trainer of dogs then you are having the institutes that are training the people to become the expert for dog training. In order to train the dog for such service it takes 5 to 6 months and in order to become the expert of these dog training expert then you have 3 month course. If you are interested of becoming the expert then you can select one of the reliable institutes from the internet.