Dogs are man’s best friend because they provide unconditional love to their owners. If you love to spend time with dogs, you can start a pet day care center and earn a decent amount of money. After all, everybody wants to have a day job that they love. Here are some quick tips that will help you set up a dog day care business.

Experience with different breeds of dogs

Every dog is unique. Some dogs may look the same to you, but if you look closely enough you will spot the difference between their nature and their patterns of behavior. For example, some dogs are more aggressive than others. It’s better to understand their behavior if you are going to open a business relating to their care.  You can spend time in a vet clinic or work in another pet day care center such as primpplay to gather experience.

Tricks and Training

A dog day care would have lots of dogs. If you want to control and make them obey you, then you must spend some time learning the tricks and training techniques. Generally, an aggressive dog needs a person who has a lot of expertise in training. Managing a group of dogs of both calm and aggressive nature would be a little difficult to handle for a beginner. Thus, you have to hire additional helping hands, who are experienced in that field.

Services that you will provide

You have to decide what type of services your dog day care will provide. There are those who put dogs in cages while at day care. But the pet owners are happier with the new trend, where their pet is kept in an open space with other pets of different owners. Such type of day care must separate the dogs into different groups according to their sizes and nature of aggressiveness. You will also need plenty of water and large play ground for the canines. You have to provide comfortable beds for the dogs that are going to stay overnight.

Business aspect

You must remember that your pet day care is a paid service which requires revenue for you and your business to sustain. Thus, you must have a proper plan and few strategies. First, decide if want to be the sole proprietor of your business or you want to have a limited liability company (LLC). After deciding, you may get a license for your business. A good businessman will never avoid an insurance policy. You should do the same. Make sure to hire the most experienced employees that you can afford rather than novices.

Marketing your business

Don’t be afraid to send words of your newly established center to the world. Utilize and leverage every opportunity you have, to increase your clientele. You could give free brochures at pet stores and animal hospitals. Also, don’t forget online portals.


If everything goes well then you will soon own a successful pet day care. After a little success, you should invest more in your business that will nurture your company’s growth. Don’t be afraid if the growth is slower than expected and don’t forget to have fun with dogs.

Author Bio: Jack Smith is a professional blogger. He is working at primpplay for the last 10 years. He owns 6 dogs of different breeds.