When you own horses, there are always going to be times when you need to transport them from one point to another and when you do, it is good to know that there are vehicles you can purchase to keep your horses safe throughout the trip. Best of all, there are even companies that can manufacture a custom-made vehicle just for you, ensuring that you’ll get exactly what you need in the end. Most of these companies make trailers or horseboxes of many different sizes, which means that your horses will be both safe and comfortable during the ride. The horseboxes are high-quality and individually made so you are guaranteed to get something that you can use for a lifetime. They come in various colours and always include an interior that is just right for the horses inside. Whether you’re transporting one horse or two, they can accommodate you every time.

High-Quality Vehicles Sturdy Enough to Last

Horseboxes can be up to 3.9 tonnes and come with amenities that include the ability to be driven on a standard car license, an extra-wide rear door in case you have an emergency need to exit the horse, and removable breast bars that stop horses that try to climb over them. Companies such as EquestriVan make these types of horseboxes and their websites show full-colour photographs of their products that you can view to get a better idea of what they look like. The sites also give you information on the vehicles’ specifications and advantages so if you review the details, you can learn a lot about the available products, which gives you an idea of what to do next. They also come with both standard and specialised features so you can pick and choose how you want your vehicle to look when they’re done.

Tons of Very Nice Basic Perks

Basic perks on most of these vehicles include opening roof vents and windows, overhead storage, tie rings on the inside and the outside, rubber mats where the horses are located, and removable partitions. The companies that make them make sure that they are comfortable for both the horses and the driver and if you want additional perks such as sinks, refrigerators, head guards, loading wings, and cameras, you can add them to your custom-made vehicle by paying only a small amount more. Better still, since the horseboxes start at under £15,000, you can easily afford to have your horses professionally and comfortably transported from Point A to Point B at any time. Their websites give you most of the information you need to make the right decision and if you’d like a free quote before agreeing to anything, these companies make sure that you get it, increasing the odds that you’ll eventually hire them for the job.