Find out about the do’s and don’ts of buying reptiles online.

Sometimes there isn’t a pet store or reptile supply store convenient in your area or the reptile store doesn’t carry the breed you are looking for.  The only way you can get the pet you want is to turn to the Internet and order a reptile pet online.  Knowing how to buy geckos online is something you should figure out before you make a purchase.  The following is a set of recommendations for any novice looking to buy reptiles online.

Know your options

Once you have decided on buying a reptile online or just buying a reptile in general you must decide which type.  You need to know what type of reptile will be best suited for your circumstances.  Do you want a family pet, a bright colored or aesthetically pleasing animal or do you want to breed reptiles?  You should also have thought about how much enclosure space the pet will have and how much time you can put towards caring for your pet.  Some reptiles and geckos require much more care than others.  Your budget also comes into play as geckos come in all types of breeds and rarities.  High-end varieties called designer morphs are the most sought after because they are often one of a kind variations.

  • Uses
  • Time
  • Space
  • Budget

Once you have a good picture of what kind of pet you are after then you need to find a reptile store that has what you’re after.  There are quite a few online sources for reptiles that you can check out to locate your desired pet.  Use a search engine such as Google and run a search for terms like “buy geckos online”, or “buy reptiles online” in order to find a bunch of supply stores that may have what you’re after.  You can also become a member at any reptile forum you can find and post a wanted ad in the “sale” section.  Buying through a community such as a forum can sometimes lead to exciting purchases and you gathering extra information you weren’t aware of.  The classified section of a reptile forum or an online reptile store is the two best and most common places the get your pet.

How To Buy Geckos Online

You’ve narrowed down your sellers list by price and availability.  Now it’s time to make sure the seller will deliver as promised and that the pet will match the description given.  Always check your sellers “terms” page on their website so that you know what your options are in case of necessary recourse.  Look for things like “healthy animal guarantees” and shipping terms.  Research any seller you are thinking about buying from before you make a purchase.  Check their name, profile and business on any reptile forum you find and look for reviews or discussions about the seller.  Internet sellers and stores live and die by their reviews, as this is the only way to show a buyer they are trustworthy and will deliver.

Focus on good communication with the seller.  Ask all sorts of questions about your pet like what it has been eating, where it has been kept, does it have any special needs etc.

Go over shipping details and return or refund procedures with the seller so that you are not surprised.  Try to be home when your package arrives as the least amount of time your new pet spends in shipping transit, the better.

With a bit of research and due diligence, you can absolutely buy geckos online and come out of the deal with a spectacular and great pet for your home. Follow the simple rules and use common sense like you would with any online purchase.  You should come out on top.