A glistening white horse — just in our fantasies?

A glistening jacket — (nearly) each horse owner fantasies of a glistening coat. Whether we examine old paintings or photos, show horses or paintings within our surroundings, a horse having a glistening coat stands outside and has always been admired as a sign for vibrancy and wellness.

The majority of the moment, we combine a glistening coat with specific coat colours, especially bay, black, or chestnut. There’s not anything like the shine of a black bay or coppery chestnut horse! However, what about our white or gray horses? Can we create shine in a gray or black horse?

There Are Lots of factors to think about:

My horse Paladin — a dim bay — appears to get the ‘glistening gene’. Therefore there should be sure elements which produce dark hair glow. The college of Delaware on (individual) hair colour: “Hair colour is dependent on the quantity of eumelanin (that can be dark brownish) and pheomelanin (that can be red). The quantity of eumelanin ranges always from hardly any making light-blonde own hair, to big quantities, making black hair. Individuals with considerable sums pheomelanin have reddish hair, which may vary from light reddish (“strawberry blonde”) to vivid red to red brown.”

Horses and people are mammals, therefore genetically and as it regards baldness/thinning, the biochemistry is fundamentally exactly the exact same. The article further clarifies that specific genetic aspects appear to be connected with a single hair colour or a different, which clarifies why the entire ‘method from the insanity’ of communicating.

However, will the hair of black horses really have a part that produces ‘glow’? No. The easy truth is that sleek, dark surfaces perform with light in another manner than smooth mild surfaces. Think about a white vehicle and a black vehicle, both equally polished and clean. Which one is going to appear more glistening?

Grooming cleanliness and technique

And this is the deciding variable: Smoothness and cleanliness. In case the surface remains smooth (again think about a vehicle) versus textured (think about a wooden picnic table), then there’ll be more mild reflection. Hence the secret is to produce a SMOOTH & CLEAN surface.

Adding ‘gloss’ (auto) only leaves the surface more easy and hence more glossy! Where’s the gloss onto the horse? It will not come from an individual. Our horses have the gloss built right in! It’s generated by small oil glands attached to every hair origin. The Trick to a glistening coat is located in

Fixing the jacket

Presenting the ‘gloss’ (body oils) within the entire scalp and also

Smoothening the jacket.


Exactly like in us people, just a healthy horse is going to have wholesome coat. Feeding the perfect number of essential horse nutrition and healthful oils is going to probably be the precondition for a sleek, healthy, lively, and glistening looking jacket!

Shiny white and gray horses

Shine in your own white or gray horse won’t be too obvious. It’ll be a healthful glow and glisten if the light drops in just perfect. Just because mild surfaces reflect light distinct than just dark. The obstacle with white and gray horses is the fact that manure and grass spots appear more than within their darker herd partners, which instantly distracts from an general fine, clean and healthy coat. We’ll discuss more about the way to handle stains from white and gray horses at another article.

The shine and glisten of a healthful, clean, light-weight coat.


Yes, white and gray horses can glow! However, their glow won’t be as clear because of a horse that is darker because dim surfaces reflect light differently compared to mild surfaces (again, use the vehicle instance). The trick to a vibrant appearing grey or white horse: Great nourish, cleanliness, and proper grooming methods!