Most of the cat owners think that they are in dark when it comes to understanding the requirements and desires of a cat. Here are five things you are supposed to know before bringing a Finicky Feline in your home.


This is a misconception that after bringing a cat home and giving him good food and other dishes, it is all set. If you think so, then you are mistaken because cats are in need of proper care and mental stimulation to stay happy. Cat is a predator and you can make certain toys by cardboard boxes or other household items to keep your cat engaged. You can try making fun toys at home by paper towel rolls and other items, this will keep you cat away from boredom.


This is a natural and essential part for your cat. If your cat is doing it against your furniture or carpets, then it is a normal behavior. On the other hand, scratching is essential for the health of your cat. When a cat is scratching, it is not only keeping its skin healthy, but it is also working out the muscles. Moreover, by scratching against the furniture and walls they are marking their territory.

Moisture from food

This is right that the domestic cats have evolved from the Desert ancestors and this is the reason why they require less water for survival. When you give them dry food, it contains maximum 10% of moisture, whereas wet food has maximum of 75% of water. In case you realize that your cat is showing the signs of dehydration, you need to increase the amount of water in their food. Taking good amount of water will keep your body hydrated and they are not likely to suffer from dry skin issues.

Dental care

Most of the cats suffer from teeth problems by the time they reached their 6th birthday. If you notice any kind of swelling or redness on the gums of your cat’s teeth, then you need to clean it properly before it gives birth to a new problem. You can get these dental cleaning or scaling facilities at the veterinarian. Other than cleaning, you can maintain a routine of brushing at home. If the teeth problem continues, it may bring kidney issues to your Finicky Feline.

Body language

If you are a keen observer, then you can understand a lot by the behavior of your cat. Cats can communicate with their body language. You need to pay attention to their muscle tension and eyes in accordance with other body signs.