We all love our pets, and unfortunately there are situations when they get some troubles. And in this article we will tell you how to provide the first aid for your pet before going to the emergency veterinary clinic.


Dislocation – is the shift of articular ends of the bones, in which completely or partially disrupted their mutual contact. When traumatic dislocation the head of the bone comes out of the joint.

Symptoms. From the sharp pain your cat can meow loudly. The limb is elevated, the joints sharply deformed, there are: a sharp pain, swelling, local increase of the temperature of the joint.

Do not attempt to straighten a dislocated; it can be done only with the help of the professional vet at the emergency veterinary clinic. And you by yourself can inflict even greater harm to the cat.

First aid: give to the cat a pain reliever. If your cat is experiencing severe pain, then put in place of dislocation the cold (bag of frozen vegetables, water bottle with ice) and then apply a pressure bandage and immediately deliver the cat to the emergency veterinary clinic, equipped with the X-ray machine.

Veterinarian listening to cat's heart.
Veterinarian listening to cat’s heart.

Foreign bodies in the pharynx and esophagus of the cat

Sometimes not only the kittens, but also the curious adult cats ingest the foreign objects. Some of these objects are so small, so can easily slip through the pharynx and esophagus, and then safely bypassed stomach with the intestine, and get out in a natural way, while others – can get stuck. Often, for example, fish bones stuck between the teeth, or at the back of the throat the hair could stuck, sometimes causing almost continuous cough. Sharp foreign objects can get stuck in the esophagus because of muscle spasm that develops in response to stimulation. This leads to a sudden disruption of swallowing and excessive salivation.

After contact with a foreign object in the throat unfortunately possible the instant death by suffocation. The breathing stops, the cat lies with open mouth and glassy eyes, blue gums.

In all cases, if the cat is choking, immediately give her the first aid, or the animal may die! Remember, because the steps to remove a foreign body from the oral cavity and pharynx require certain skills and equipment, it would be best if you as quickly as possible to deliver the injured animal to the emergency veterinary clinic.

Predoctor help: If you can not immediately bring the cat to the emergency veterinary clinic, try as quickly as possible to remove the foreign body. If a foreign object stuck in the mouth, then try to open it with one hand clutching cat’s upper lip to the upper jaw and opening the jaws with the help of other hand. It is best to use the forceps to extract the foreign body. If a foreign body stuck in the throat or esophagus, you must call a cat vomiting. If the jammed item is small (hair, blade of grass, fish bone or a piece of dry feed), give the cat a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and go to the emergency veterinary clinic.

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