If you have decided to adopt a pet like a dog or a cat from the shelter or the rescue camp; you should feel proud as you are doing a great job by helping these homeless creatures. Once you have chosen the right pet for your home, you should first prepare yourself and your place for the arrival of the new member of the canine family.

Bringing home an adult cat or an older dog is much different than a young cat or puppy in your home. Each has its unique pros and cons. It is good to know what you will be going to feel and expect when you are bringing home a new member in your house. The main thing is that the more prepared you are, the easier will be the process of adjustment.

How You Can Help Your Pet to Adjust In Your Own Home

Here are some of the tips that will help you to know how you can help your pet to get adjust in the new surroundings-

  1.    be sure that you are having a new personal set up for the new member before it arrives. The pet should have easy access to the bed, toys and the bowl. If you are planning to crate the train, be sure that the crate is ready. If your pet is having some special item like the blanket or the bed from the shelter or rescue, make sure you carry it to your home. This will make the pet feel happy.
  2.    Try to spend as much time with the pet and give it time and space as well. If it wants to spend time more in the crate, let it do the same. However, you can encourage the puppy or the cat to play with you by showing treats and calling in soft voice. Apart from this, you can also set a routine and set up the house rules. Start feeding, walking and interacting with the puppy in the same time regularly, so that the puppy gets adjusted.
  3.    Training is very important for your pet. It should start at the first day when the puppy or the kitten is brought in your home. Housetraining is a very good thing. There are various rescue dogs already found that have housetraining. Besides training, you can work on the basic commands.
  4.    Taking the pet to the doctor is very important. After 1 week, it is very important to take the pet to the veterinary doctor. It is a great idea to make a bonding between the pet and the vet. This is how your pet will be habituated and friendly with the doctor as well as the expert can also identify the problems if your puppy or cat suffers from any problem.  Might be the rescue group or the shelter has the records of the medical condition of the pet, do not forget to carry them with you.

Lastly, it will take some time to adjust for the pet in your home. So, give it the time. Give healthy food options to the pet to keep it strong and fit.