Your pet is your best friend to protect against all risks in your daily life. We have put together some advice, tips and tricks that could be very useful for you, but also for your pet.

More and more Swiss households welcome an animal. According to our pet survey, the number of rodents, birds, reptiles and exotic animals of all kinds is constantly increasing, but dogs and cats remain the most popular pets. Various insurers have specialized in these two animal species and offer appropriate animal insurance for dogs and cats. What are the benefits of such insurance and what does it cost? On, there is information and a comparison of the premiums and benefits of Swiss animal insurance.

Comparative Animal insurance

Your pet is a companion, you want to protect just like any other family member. Veterinary treatments can be very costly. It is not surprising that it has been possible for some time to insure dogs and cats as well. The animal insurance comparison on shows which services the different providers offer and which premiums are due. With a few mouse clicks you can compare all Swiss animal insurance and choose the right offer for your companion and your budget.  If you are searching for a dependable pet insurance plan then you should shop around for pet insurance at Pet Insurance U.

Insure your pet against unpredictable

Just as we humans are health and wellbeing is very important for a pet for us. An animal therefore has just as much as we claim to care. You should have your pet inspected once a year by a veterinarian. Any health problems that may occur must be treated professionally; we owe this to our four-legged companion. As a result, you have the possibility to conclude a health insurance for him. Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, the quality of care is constantly improving and is in no way inferior to ours. Since this development entails constant cost increases, it is reasonable to protect yourself with adequate insurance cover. What services does the animal insurance cover? Here we have listed some information for you:

Behavioral study Pets

According to the Federal Statistical Office have about 30% of Swiss households at least one pet, with approximately 1:38 million cats and 500,000 dogs form the vast majority. Other species, such as birds, fish, rodents and reptiles, are also becoming increasingly popular. This fact also confirms the latest pet survey. The subject of the annual survey of the comparative web site is subjects such as reasons for obtaining an animal or not, the type of animals selected, the monthly expenditure on the animal, and any compromises related to the adoption of an animal.