There are many dogs that are afraid of the loud noises that are associated with thunder storms and fireworks. The behavior associated with this fear can manifest itself as pacing, panting and whining. Other symptoms can include hiding. This can be serious if your dog chooses to hide and not respond when you try to call him.

Dogs Afraid Of Storms

There are several things that you can do to try to help your dog be more comfortable during storms or fireworks. Counter conditioning can be difficult. It involves putting your dog through a controlled desensitization program. However, this should really not be done by amateurs.
Some dogs respond well by having a safe place to hide. Let your dog have a comfy area underneath something that is safe. Often your dog will be happy to just hunker in and sit out the storm or fireworks in peace.

However, many choose to use different supplements to help their dogs to relax during these stressful situations. One of the best products on the market for preparing dogs for storms or loud noises is the Calming Formula for Dogs by Pet Naturals of Vermont.

This product is great for helping dogs to adapt to environmental stressors. This product works well to help to reduce anxiety, paw licking, scratching, trembling, barking or whining, or other destructive behavior.

So, if you are out of ideas in how to help your dog during stressful situations, why not give the Calming Formula a try today?