While dog owners often worry about where to house their pets on holiday, they can give their beloved household companions vacations as well. If you board your dog at a quality kennel, he too can enjoy a holiday while you are away.

Give Your Dog Some Pampering

Typically, a guard dog-training centre features many kennels as dogs stay at the site while they are in training. Therefore, you can make sure your dog receives the best of care while you enjoy a getaway. In fact, a kennel is comparable to a resort for a dog as he receives pampering while you are gone.

Have Your Dog Trained and Groomed

A quality dog kennel features 24/7 video monitoring to make sure your dog is watched at all times as well as a large run area. Some facilities feature a swimming lake as well. While your dog is staying at the centre, you might go ahead and schedule training for him too. Grooming is offered as well.

Training Is Designed for All Ages of Pets

If you do opt for obedience training while your pet resides in the dog kennels in Sydney, you will find that the training is comprehensive. Dogs can start training as young as four months. However, a dog is never too old to learn. Some dogs take up obedience training at the age of 10.

All breeds of dogs are trained as well. It does not matter if you own a tiny Yorkie or are the owner of a German shepherd. They all receive the same training. Therefore, an ideal plan is to go on holiday for two weeks while your dog is housed and trained at the training facility.

Teaching a Dog Not to Jump

When you pick up your dog from training, you only need to spend a couple of hours to learn to manage your dog. Owners are shown the proper verbal commands and hand signals for controlling their pets. During the training, any dogs with problems such as jumping are taught to refrain from the activity.

Train with Your Dog Each Day

It may not seem likely now, but your dog will always remember the training that he is shown. However, it still is advisable to train with your pet on a regular basis to get him into a routine. You do not have to spend a long time in training, only 10 to 20 minutes each day.

Developing a Closer Bond

If you are planning a holiday, it may be beneficial to you and your dog to book a kennel stay at a training facility. As noted, dogs also enjoy such services as grooming. Therefore, your dog will behave better and look better upon your return. The training will also enable you to develop a closer bond with your pet as he will now look to you for his commands.