Just like people, dog’s need to have their ears cleaned too. Some dogs need their ears cleaned more than others. With certain precautions, you can help to keep your dogs ears clean by doing it in a safe and effective manner.

How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

The dogs that need their ears cleaned the most often are dogs with droopy ears that do not stand up. These dogs are much more prone to ear infections and ear mites. In addition to these problems, some dogs produce more ear wax than other dogs. Also, dogs typically need their ears cleaned more in the hot summer months than in the colder winter months.

In case you have not noticed, most dogs like having the inside of their ears pet. If you dog has excess ear wax or just needs a light cleaning, a good way to do this is with some soft tissue paper. Use your finger inside the tissue to clean out the wax or build up. Your dog will enjoy this too. Just be careful to not be too rough or to stick your fingers too deep into your dog’s ear.

One way that many holistic vets will suggest to clean your dogs ear from an ear infection is to make an ear solution from one part white vinegar, and two parts water. Gently flush the dog’s ear with a bulb syringe. Rub the fluid in the ear for a thorough cleaning and then use cotton balls to clean up the fluid.

If your dog has a more chronic, or serious ear problem, you may want to try some professional strength products to clean your dogs ear. One of the best ear washes is by NaturVet and contains tea tree oil. This product acts as a natural disinfectant and works great on both the ears of cats and dogs. If you would prefer to use a swab, you could try Pet Swabs. This product works great for relieving itching and odor in your pet’s ear.