Cats are unique and have their own personalities. But they all share one common feature. All cats need their comfort zone and designer cat furniture can provide that special place for them.

Type of designer cat furniture

When deciding on what type of designer cat furniture to buy, have a good look at your cat’s personality. Also is your cat an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? Does your cat favor peaks, or does she or he prefer to be close to the ground?

What are your tastes? Would you want the designer cat furniture more for function or do you want it more for looks? If your cat’s designer furniture blends in with your modern decor, do you care, or is your cat’s comfort that matters? The number of cats in your house will also factor into how large or small your designer cat tree or other piece of designer cat furniture should be.

The amount of mental stimulation is not as big of a problem as it is for indoor cats for those who have an outdoor cat. Modern outdoor cats should be getting tons of mental stimulation and physical activity during their time out of the house. A place to lounge or even only a cat bed may be of your cat needs for their comfort zone.

Sisal cat furniture

But if your cat does not leave the house, you may want to discover a piece of designer or modern cat furniture that can also stimulate your cat with some activity. Look using sisal covered scratching surfaces like to scratch. The sisal could be cloth or rope and the surface could be a post or a plank. The post could be incorporated into the furniture as a support post or it can be a stand replaceable post. They can also be purchased as stand alone items, for those who have a preference for a piece of furniture that does not contain scratching surfaces. However, you will likely wind up paying more buying them “a la carte”.

Be ready to spend quite a bit if your cat likes seclusion and both peaks. Carpeted cat tree manufacturers provide enclosures near the tree’s top. These cat trees can be a bit pricey and are large. Large trees can also provide additional play activity. When shopping for this type of tree, take care to make certain that the base is large enough to prevent the tree from tipping, as they tend to be heavy.

If the towers that are carpeted are not your taste, there are several choices from which you may select. They are constructed from aesthetically pleasing materials quality or tree branches because these trees are not carpeted. Tree manufacturers do not use OSB or particle board as their material their material cost is greater than their carpeted counterparts. That’s the reason many of the uncarpeted trees are more costly than a tree of similar size.

One nice advantage that the trees have to offer is that most manufacturers offer replacement wear surfaces. The wear surfaces are the regions that the cat scratches or lounges on. This can greatly increase the life of the furniture versus the lifetime of their counterparts that are carpeted.

Common cat tree issues

There are a number of common issues. Make sure that the tiers are spaced for your cat or cats. It allows them to put their paws on the higher tier and gives them a lot of head clearance when the lower tier is occupied by them. Pay as much attention to the size of the tiers as the quantity. A designer cat tree with large tiers can hold as many, or more cats, with more, but smaller tiers than a tree. A large base is vital, as mentioned before.

If the designer or modern cat furniture you are interested in buying is assembled with MDF, particle board, or OSB, make certain the material came from a Carb Certified Manufacturer. Make sure that the adhesives used are free of any toxins that are dangerous. Finally, be sure there are no principles utilized on any of the surfaces.

Designer Cat Furniture Awards

You may want to check to find out if the furniture has won any awards or other recognition for innovation and quality. Cat Fancy’s Editors’ Choice Awards are a good place to start. “The (Cat Behavior) editors are searching for innovative products that reflect quality, creativity and originality, and fill a need in the industry. Safety and functionality are essential.” Catnip does not accept advertisements, so their reviews are believed to by unbiased.

Versions cost hundreds of dollars, so be sure to do your research before choosing which cat tower is suitable for you and your cats. If you have questions or concerns, do not be afraid to call or email the manufacturer.