Just like how humans can catch a cold, cats can come down with the cat flu. What the cat flu really is, is a viral illness with symptoms that we can associate with our colds such as weeping eyes, sneezing, and a running nose. If you have more than one cat, be warned, the cat flu is very contagious, but the good news is that this condition usually clears up in a week to ten days.

Cat Flue

There are several things that you can do to help you cat cope with the cat flu. One of the first things is to make sure that your cat is eating healthy nutritious food to help fight off the virus. If your cat is not hungry, try heating the meal. If you use kibble, add warm water to make a gravy. Your cat will also appreciate a can of fresh tuna because even with a stuffy or runny nose he will be able to smell one of his favorite foods.

If you try everything and your cat will still not eat, get out the food processor. Making your cats food into liquid gravy by blending with a little water will make it easier for your cat to eat.

Help your cat by wiping his eyes and nose if they are running or are collecting mucus. This will help to allow your cat to breathe easier and to be more comfortable. If you need to, use a moist cotton ball or a wet wash cloth to clean away the mucus.

If it is winter time and your house is dry, help your cat out by increasing the humidly in your home with a humidifier. The moist air will make it easier for your cat to breathe and may help to loosen up the congestion.

But remember, cat flu should only last a week to ten days. If the condition last longer than that you may want to consider taking your cat to the veterinarian for a more thorough examination.