Many dog owners would prefer using pet carriers for travels rather than leaving their furry four-legged family member all alone inside the house for the entire day (or week). It’s because dogs are naturally social creatures, and it makes them jump for joy and run with glee when they interact with others of their kind or with other human beings.

However, it’s not advisable to let your dog run off on their own, especially when they’re untrained as they can run towards oncoming traffic without them being the wiser. As such, the significance of having a pet carrier with you when you’re traveling with your K9 companion couldn’t be stressed further. Do know, however, that there are different models of carriers for pets on the market, and it’s vital that you should choose the right one for your dog’s optimum comfort.

Small Dog Carriers 

Small equals lightweight, which means these pooches are easier to carry than, say, an Alaskan Malamute. Some examples of small dogs include a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and a Poodle. Thanks to their compact demeanors, there’s a broad range of selections when choosing the right pet carrier for you and your pet pooch. Small dog carriers also come into the market with different materials that’ll suit just about every occasion. There are carriers made out of fabric, leather, and even faux fur. If you own a small dog, then a carrier with the appropriate size should keep them comfortable and safe while you’re on your trip.

Large Dog Carriers 

Obviously, large dogs won’t fit inside a purse or a backpack. Still, there are pet carrier manufacturers that create “containers” for large dog breeds so that you can safely and properly transport your K9 companion when you’re riding a car or plane. Large dog carriers come in different sizes and designs, but they’re generally constructed to fit large dog breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, and Great Danes. These carriers are generally made out of plastic, canvas, and wire mesh.

The Right Dog Carrier for Car Travel

Determining your dog’s size is only half of the challenge when choosing a suitable dog carrier. Now, it’s time to choose the appropriate model if you’re going to bring your pet pooch along on your long road trips. When planning a road trip with your K9 family member, you need a model that’ll protect your dog from any potential damage and turn around. The carrier should also have enough room for your pet to move around, in case they get a bit bored.

The Right Dog Carrier for Air Travel 

When selecting a dog carrier for airline travel, you should make sure that you follow due diligence in researching and picking the right model for your K9 companion. Perhaps the most important aspect for any dog carrier for airline travel is proper ventilation. Make sure that the carrier will have enough holes that are small enough so that your pooch doesn’t crawl out of the carrier, but large enough that it can let enough air into the device.

Whether you need to protect a “toy” dog in a crowded area or transport your K9 companion to another city, you need a reliable dog carrier to make sure that your pet stays safe and comfortable during the entire duration of the travel.