It makes sense if your dog loses the vision if your dog is very old but do you know that the puppies can lose the vision of their eye too? Yes, this could be happened due to multiple reasons in which eye injuries and eye disorders are common. Some puppies also born as totally blind or have issues with the vision. It’s sound very painful if your puppy lost the vision or the new born puppy cannot see the world. But living with a blind puppy is not difficult as it’s sound like. With a little care, you can live a comfortable life with your dog.
If your dog has lost the vision of his eyes recently then you need to do some home work to learn that how to care for a blind puppy. To help you with this, I am sharing tips to live with the blind puppy and how you can make you and your dog’s life very easy.

Prepare the environment:

Blind puppy does not mean that he does not require a space for the physical activities. If your puppy has born blind, then make sure that the environment is very comfortable around him. There should be no sharp items around him including the sharp corners of the furniture because it could hurt.

Train your blind dog:

Training a blind puppy is almost same as the training of the dog except you have to work more on the other senses of the dog like smell and hearing. So, include these things in your puppy as much as possible to train him different things.
Keep dog’s products at one place:

To make it easy for your blind puppy, make sure that all of the necessary dog’s products are at one place. This includes the items like water bowl, food bowl, a bed of your dog and even the toys of your dog etc.

Purchase the right toys:

The toys for the blind dogs are different than the general dog toys. The blind dog toys have sound and voices to keep the dog busy. So, when you are purchasing the toys for your blind puppy, make sure that you only choose the right toys for him. The toys should not be hard or have something which can hurt your puppy.
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Help him recognize different things:

You should help your blind puppy to recognize different things like toys, furniture, and the map of the house, door and even the different rooms of the house. This could be done by using the different scents. To help the puppy to recognize the map of the house, use a different floor like rug or carpet parts and take your dog on it everytime. This will help your puppy to remember the map and where he should go when you call him etc.
Have patience:

Hit is important to have patience all the time when you are living with a blind puppy. Due to his medical condition, the puppy could be aggressive or required a lot of practice to get trained. So prepare yourself too before you decided to live with a blind puppy.