Are you looking to set up boundaries for your dog?  Though some people prefer a physical chainlink, wooden or plastic fence, it can be difficult to install your own if you work full time. It can be equally difficult to hire someone to install one for you. There are easier and less strenuous options such as using an “invisible” fence. Invisible fences are used as a training tool to train your dogs to stay within you’re preferred boundaries. It will send a mild electric shock if your dog tries to cross the boundary you have set.

Why should you use an invisible fence? Many states do not require dog owners keep their dogs on a leash. This may be okay for those who live in the country, but it’s harder for those who live in the city.  If animal control sees a dog running loose in the city, they will not think twice picking up the dog and taking him or her to the pound.

How does a GPS fence work?
The GPS invisible fence uses radio frequency and static correction. Your dog wears a what is called a computer collar receiver. If and when your furry friend and the collar crosses the boundary, it will provide an audible warning first. If your dog ignores the warning and proceeds to cross, it will send a gentle static correction to your dog. This will remind him or her that they reached the limits of their boundary.

Some may ask what is the best fence for their dog? Be rest assured that there are options for everyone. The Invisible Fence Brand is the best of its kind.

The Invisible Fence Brand was developed in collaboration with some of the  leading animal trainers from around the country. They came together to ensure that your dog learns his or her boundaries. Take your time and learn in the comfort of your home with our training method. Invisible fence comes with free and professional installation. A team of professionals will come out and install it for you right the first time, and your lawn will not look like it’s been hacked to death.

If you have a larger yard, be rest assured that there are options for you as well. The SportDOG could be the right fit for you.  It is reliable, expandable, covers up to 100 acres and has five correction levels! The SportDog comes with a waterproof collar that runs on one 9 volt battery and lasts between 6-12 months. It is easy to install and you can purchase a remote to go with I this set at an additional cost.The one downside to this particular invisible fence is its price. It is on the pricey side , but well worth the investment , and still cheaper that installing or hiring someone to out up a physical fence.

Does it work and why does it work?
Yes, this does work. Training is important and why not use the best technology available today? You love your pet and you want the best for them.