Much like people, horses can display all different types of temperament and tolerance to stress. Performance horses are no exception. Twydil offers horse dietary supplements that help horses that seem to experience high levels of anxiety during seasons of competition and performance.

Add Micronutrients for Horses Nervous or Under Stress

Micronutrient supplement using Twydil products is a proven way to help a horse maintain a calm demeanor during times of stress, or in the event, the horse exhibits natural nervous behavior. Having nutrients that are easier for the horse to break down will help every bodily function that contributes to a calm nature.

Boost Calorie Intake for Horses Under Performance Demands

Horses that are under heavy performance demands and other stressful situations will burn through a ton of calories. You can add a Twydil supplement that boosts the calories and helps our horse maintain a healthy weight. It will ease stress on the entire digestive system. You will quickly notice a difference in the overall energy of your horse.

Ease Tension of Competition or Travel

Competitive events can prove stressful to the horse and rider. Choosing the right performance horse supplements from trusted sources like My Horse Health can dramatically reduce the tension and stress felt by your horse before, during, and after the actual competition.

Relax a Horse Easily Startled

Some horses seem to startle at everything, including leaves rustling or shadows. Twydil offers a supplement that can reduce the nervous behaviors you experience with otherwise calm horses. It will create a safer and more confident demeanor that helps you better concentrate on winning. Beginning the supplements a few weeks before competitions will provide enough time for your horse to feel completely calm and relaxed.

Improve Performance Without Worry On the Day of Competition

A few supplements on the market are not safe to use on the day of competition. Twydil has done extensive testing to ensure it follows strict antidoping levels, even when taken on the day the horse will compete.

Feel confident about improving the performance of your horse without jeopardizing health. Quality supplements from Twydil are designed to combat all nervous, anxiety, and stress issues safely.