An extension of the traditional dog kennel, boarding has increased in popularity over the years with many owners choosing to make use of these services when they need to leave town for any period of time.

If you’ve never made use of a dog boarding facility for your dog before, now might be the time to look into it because there are several advantages over other dog care methods. In this article, we’re going to run through these advantages, helping you to make an informed decision.

What is a Dog Boarding Facility?

Dog boarding simply refers to leaving your dog within the care of a specialist animal creche or nursery. These facilities will vary in what they offer but you can usually be sure of an abundance of space, great care, and the ability to socialise with other dogs which is something that shouldn’t be missed, especially when they’re young.

Professional Care and Attention

The biggest attraction to these services is knowing that your dog is in the care of experts. Every member of staff working at a dog boarding facility is going to have received the training and experience required to ensure that your dog is not only looked after, but also receives the stimulation they need.

Most of these facilities will also feature a permanent onsite vet which should put your mind at ease should the worst happen.

Medical Care

Some dogs need to take medication daily if they’re suffering from an illness. This medication will often vary in its difficulty to administer which is why having trained staff oversee the process is a big plus point.

A Great Diet

Some owners are very particular over the type of food their dogs eat. If this sounds like you, a boarding facility will allow you to express your wishes over the food your dog is given to eat, making sure that it gets only the best.

An Abundance of Exercise

A lot of the larger boarding facilities will feature lakes and expansive outdoor areas for your dog to exercise in. This, coupled with a structure exercise program will do wonders for your dog’s health and ensure that they’re returned to you in tip top condition.

In addition;

  • Most boarding kennels will offer the opportunity for your dog to undergo specialist training, which can even include guard dog training if desired.

Safety and Security

We all want to know exactly what are pets are up to when we’re not around – making use of a boarding kennel will provide you with the peace of mind that there is no possibility of your dog escaping or involving themselves in any sort of mischief whilst you’re away.

Your dog will never find themselves outside of the facility unless there is a good reason for it.

Find Your Nearest Boarding Kennel

Hopefully you’re now convinced and see that both you and your dog stands to benefit. Dog boarding in Sydney is more popular than it ever has been which is great news because several kennels have sprung up over recent years. We would suggest heading online and finding one that is suitable for you.

Once you’ve returned from your trip, you might even find your dog in better condition than when you left.