Owning a pet cat is a real challenge. They are curious and nocturnal. Their independent personality also makes them quite aloof and difficult to train. If you own a cat, make sure you have the right tools to keep a happy cat and your home clean.  Consider investing in good quality cat food, kitty litter and the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair that you can afford. These furry felines are great companion. Here are five tips for living with this creature that is known to have nine lives:

  1. Get a litter box and maintain it

While this may seem very basic, it’s essential that you don’t just let your cat do its business anywhere. Choose a litter box that is big enough because cats like to dig and cover their excreta. They hate stepping on their poo and pee. It has to be big enough because if they feel that the litter box is dirty, they’ll do their business somewhere else and you won’t like that. You’ll have to clean the litter box regularly. A shovel will come in handy. As for the litter, there is a variety in the market. Choose one that is not toxic to your pet cat and one that eliminates odor. Your cat will also appreciate a little help to keep it’s fur clean. Here’s how to clean your cat without bathing it.

  1. Have poop bags ready

If your cat is not yet well-trained, this is a must. You might have to pick up some cat poo from time to time, although cats usually know how to use a litter box right away without training. Accidents happen. Be prepared.

  1. Buy food and water bowls

Get your cat used to eating from one food bowl and drinking from one water bowl. This way, you condition it to know where it is allowed to eat and when it’s feeding time. Clean food and water bowl regularly. Cats are very picky. They won’t eat from a dirty food bowl and they certainly won’t drink old and dirty water.

  1. Get quality cat food; make sure you have a variety

Feed your cat regularly so they won’t need to look for food on your dining table. Give them kibbles sometimes and wet food, other times, make them try different flavors. Cats like a change of menu from time to time. Treats are also a great idea. It’s not for training; it’s usually to keep them distracted. You will need it because cats can get very annoying and there will be times that you do not want to be bothered. Treats will buy you some peace.

  1. Keep cat food in a secure container, not within its reach

Cats are hunters, and they may try to search for their food when they are hungry or when they just feel like eating. Keep cat food in a secure container and keep it in a high drawer. Cats climb so keeping its food container in a drawer that can’t easily be opened is a must.

So if you’re looking to have a cute kitty in your home, don’t be discouraged. Cats are great to live with.  All you need is a little understanding about cat behaviour.a