The family pet is an important part of our lives, and in this uncertain world that is full of danger, it makes sense to provide your pet with adequate insurance.  If you have never considered taking out an insurance policy for your cat and dog, take a quick look at the vet bills over the past few years and you might be surprised at just how it adds up. Vaccinations and general health care can also be included, and there is a range of policy packages that can be tailored to suit your needs. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to take out cover for the family pet.

  1. Accidental Injury – Pet insurance can cover accidental injury, and cats and dogs can certainly be adventurous creatures. In a typical urban environment, there are many dangers, including traffic and other animals, and with accidental injury cover, you can claim up to 80% of the vet bills for any emergency treatment resulting from accidental injury.
  1. Peace of MindComprehensive pet insurance equals peace of mind, and whatever the reason for the visit to the vet, up to 80% of all costs can be reclaimed. General health care and vaccinations are all included in this type of policy, and if your pet should fall ill from any type of sickness or disease, the insurance will cover the bulk of the costs, and your pet will receive the very best treatment.
  1. Prepare for Every Eventuality – With all of the family having adequate insurance, it makes perfect sense to include the family pet. Cats and dogs can be very mischievous, and with a long list of ever present dangers, you want to be financially prepared for any eventuality, and that includes emergency treatment for your pet.
  1. Vaccinations and General Care – Routine care can be costly, especially with some very high maintenance breeds, and if your pet falls into this category, then there is a package that will cover a large percentage of the routing vet bills. Routine care cover will pay 100% of the bills, up to an agreed limit for each occasion, and it includes micro-chipping and even dog training, as long as it occurs at a registered dog training centre.
  1. Major Medical Bills – If the worst happened and your pet was involved in a serious accident, the treatment could run into thousands of dollars, and with this policy, things like emergency boarding fees would be included, should you ever have to be hospitalised and there is no one to take care of your pet. Overseas travel can also be costly, but if you take out the right insurance policy, any bills your pet incurs while on holiday will also be included. There’s no reason why the family pet cannot enjoy the annual holiday, and with special insurance cover, you will not receive any nasty surprises if your pet requires emergency treatment.

Pet insurance is an essential thing for any pet owner, and with a choice of policies, you can tailor the cover to suit your budget and your needs.