Dog all too often don’t get treat to a new bed often enough. That isn’t to say you are a neglectful owner. Rather, it is easy to notice when a dog needs feeding, taking out or just a bit of a cuddle. In the meantime, your dog is far less likely to make it so often what’s ailing it or keeping it up when the reason is its bed, or lack of one. Then, the onus is on you as an owner to make sure firstly that your dog has its own bed and secondly, that your dog has a great bed.

  1. Reclaim Your Bed

The temptation to allow a whimpering puppy into your bed is hard to resist. Faced with a fluffy little bundle of cuteness it can be hard to remember that share your bed now and all too soon your love life could be taking a back seat to the 70lb dog suddenly  sandwiched quite literally between you and your other half.

This is not the only reason it matters to get your dog its own bed though. As explored further via the Daily Mail Newspaper article: Don’t sleep with your pet, you may catch something (possibly bubonic plague), sleeping beside your pooch can in fact compromise your health, even if it doesn’t negatively impact on your dog’s.

Fortunately, even old dogs can learn new tricks. Hence, treat your dog to a new bed, your partner to a night with their Mr or Mrs or just treat yourself to the luxury of having the bed to yourself once again by training your dog to going to their own bed – which you can do by following the Pets 4 Homes Online Guide.

  1. Treat the Whole Family

Whether your dog sleeps in a bed plonked in the living room or has taken over the spare room in order to prevent having to plonk a bed in the lounge, there is a way to incorporate the dog (bed and all) into your communal family space without having to resign yourself to compromising on style when it comes to interior design and home aesthetics.

Better yet, the solution is not only a simple one that can be effected in a single online shopping trip, but one that is likely to be as enjoyed as the bed you choose no doubt will be by your beloved pooch. The answer is to simply shop for a new dog bed or mattress upholstered in a great fabric and to opt to buy a few home furnishings in corresponding fabrics and designs – all of which is entirely possible to do when you opt to shop via the Pet Luxury Dog Beds Online Store.

  1. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

When a dog outgrows a bed, their bed needs replacing. Simple enough, right? This is not always the case. Dogs will often seem fine enough curled up in a basket or fit themselves into a space without complaint. The lack of complaint is not proof that their sleeping quarters are sufficient though – especially if you own a large breed of dog.

The bigger the breed the more food, exercise and as well beds they will require over the course of their lifetime in order to remain healthy, happy and in good shape. A larger dog left to make do with a basket that forces them to literally fold their limbs up in order to fit into it could at worst and in the long term cause real joint and bone problems. When a dog has made do with a bed from being a pup and this bed has not been replaced as they grow it could even detrimentally impact on their growth and bones.

Hence, keep a close eye on your pup as he or she grows and be sure to replace your dog’s bed whenever you notice that your four legged friend no longer has room to fully stretch out when inside their bed. Many larger breeds are more comfortable on a mattress than within a walled basket or crate style bed.

More Information and Advice

For more advice as to what to look for when buying a dog bed, give the advice provided by TV dog behavioural expert Cesar Millan via the Cesar’s Way website article: What to Look for in Dog Beds, a read.